A Creative Edge Success Story

Robots are all the rage these days, and Creative Edge Products is no newcomer to the field. Just this past year, we designed an enclosure for the floor sanitizing robot, SaniBot by FloorBotics, and we’re excited to announce that the SaniBot is about to be released into the market!

Our Robotic Design Process

To accompany that news, we thought that we’d share our robotic design process. Let’s be honest, making a robot from scratch is challenging. They require the integration of mechanical, electrical, and programming components into one concise product. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with all three components. Creative Edge’s talented employees will help you from start to finish.

Step One: Determine the functionality of the robot and break it down into the three different components. What does the robot need to do? What constitutes as physical motion and design? Circuitry, power supply, and motors? Coding and artificial intelligence?

Step Two: Choose what coding language and controller you want to use. Will you be using an Arduino? Raspberry Pi? Java? C? Write out some pseudocode to determine your code’s architecture and what each function needs to do.

Step Three: Simultaneously develop all three categories. Make a 3D model of the robot to determine how it looks and functions. Start designing the required circuit boards and specifying the components necessary to power and control the robot. Write basic code that can be tested on loose motors and through terminal windows.

Step Four: Make a physical prototype of the robot based on the 3D model and wire the microcontroller and all components so that the prototype is ready for physical testing.

Step Five: Test the code on the physical robot! It takes a lot of tweaking to make the code function the way you want it to, so make sure to leave plenty of time for this step.

Step Six: Iterate. Chances are, something won’t be quite right, and you’ll need to redesign a mechanism, choose a different motor, or take a different approach in your code.

Once you’re satisfied with Step Six, you’re done! Now it’s time to release your robot into the market. Creative Edge Products is well versed in mechanical and electrical design and will take your robotics project to the next level.