How we can help you develop your product idea.

We’ll walk you through the entire product development process, starting with idea generation and 3D modeling, and finishing with rapid prototyping and manufacturing. We always provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your idea. A full list of our services can be found below.

3D Modeling and Rendering

We primarily use SolidWorks solid modeling software to produce a 3D model of your parts and an assembly of your product. By creating a 3D model using CAD (Computer Aided Design), you can see what your product will look like and make tweaks and design changes before proceeding to rapid prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping Techniques

Rapid prototyping allows us to take the 3D model of your product and make an accurate physical prototype without spending money on tooling or a machinist. These prototypes demonstrate product functionality, but not necessarily the exact color, finish, or material, as they are typically made of plastic.

Investor-Ready High Fidelity Prototypes

We take our work to the next level by producing the parts needed to make a high fidelity physical prototype of your product ready to be shown to investors and backers. This prototype will truly look and function like your product, but without the excessive cost of working with a manufacturer.

Printed Circuit Boards and Circuit Design

If your product requires electronics, we will create a custom Printed Circuit Board and schematic. This allows us to incorporate sensors, buttons, switches, and motors to create a fully functioning prototype. We also solder, assemble, and test the prototype boards. Instead of assuming how it will function, you’ll be able to see how your product actually performs.

Programming and Microcontroller Systems

If your product requires even more intelligence, we are experienced with programming microcontrollers and can code complex functionality into your product. We are well versed in C/C++ programming and Arduino microcontrollers as well as Java and web-based languages. Our high-quality code will bring your product to life.

Materials and Parts Sourcing

Finding the right parts can make or break a product. We use our many resources to find the best components for your product that fit your budget. This ranges from nuts and bolts to choosing the right materials for your plastic or metal enclosure. When we finish our project together, you will be provided with a full list of materials and processes necessary to create your product

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