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Loofoot Bath Mat

Loofoot came to us with an idea for a bath mat that had an exfoliating material on top for customers to use while taking a bath or shower. The exfoliating material is sewn on and has an automotive interior design look to it. Binding seals the outer edge and gives it a nice, clean look. If you’re tired of walking on hard shower floors, then we recommend trying loofoot’s exfoliating bath mat. Treat your feet with luxury!

Cigar Cap

The Cigar Cap is designed for those who like to enjoy smoking cigars. One common problem with cigars is that they are fairly large and most people aren’t able to smoke an entire cigar from the time it’s lit, to the time the person is done with it. The Cigar Cap solves that problem by providing a cap with a clamp inside that will extinguish the cigar and also clamp down around it so that the user can transport their extinguished cigar safely and mess free. The design also allows the user to disassemble the cap for easy cleaning.

The Cigar Cap project was a very interesting project and the design proved to be tricky. Although small, the cigar cap had many different challenges. We were limited to an overall size of about 1 inch which made everything we designed fragile. Some of the fragile parts were also under load by a high pressure spring so the design had to be small and strong to be able to withstand high spring pressure form the spring. In the end, the Cigar Cap turned out very well and we have managed to work out the kinks of even the small and tricky products we work on.


Helmet Wiper

We enjoy taking on the challenges involved with working on mechanically and geometrically complex projects. Like the helmet wiper, we needed to create a design that was as small and lightweight as possible, functional, aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing.

We worked with our clients closely so that we could design a device to their specifications, one that provided a goggle-like visor wiper that fits on any on-road motorcycle helmet and secures tightly with 3 easy to use straps. We really enjoyed working on this project and accomplishing the goals required by our clients.



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